пятница, 9 марта 2012 г.

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    Somewhere at the crossroads of jazz, minimalism and the electronics our new release "Hawt EP" was born, authored by a Moscow project Wunderblock! Michael Teplov, Igor Ivanov and Vladimir Kochenov named their project according to Freud, "The Eternal Notepad", this term is meant the subject of a philosopher, contributing to the understanding of the functions of our psychic apparatus of the perceiver.
    All three authors of the "notebook" before begin writing together, each of them already had his own history: Michael Teplov known also under the name ill Doggy and performs since 1997 as a DJ and musician. With their joint project with Anton Kubikov (aka SCSI-9) "Multipliar" began its history famous Cologne label Trapez. ill Doggy was released on Salo Records, Astor Bell, Erase Records and on his own label Doggy. Igor Ivanov, an experienced multi-instrumentalist, the experimenter. Vladimir Kochenov talented DJ.
Creativity of Wunderblock is appreciated by the well-known international artists such as Konrad Black, Laurent Garnier, Anthony Collins, Ame, Benno Blome, Karotte, Mathias Schaffhaeuser ... whose comments can be found on the soundcloud.
    Vadim Lankov - moscow techno-producer has also took part in this release, Vadimsupported our label from the very beginning. Vadims works can be seen in the catalogs of such a labels as Immigrant, Highway, Indeks, Team, and others. His work is distinguished by the mathematical precision and dedication to the genre!

    The artwork on the cover adorns the author's work of Yura Zenchenko that captures Uluwatu, one of the main temples in Indonesia. Nikola Tesla believed that this is theenergy center of the earth ...

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Wunderblock - Hawt EP /HR007 by Human Resources label